Votech Filterpatronen

A versatile solution for efficient removal of fine solids from industrial gases: VoTech cartridge filter type VSF

Our industrial cartridge filter is used in a wide variety of applications worldwide. It is characterized by the possibility of intermediate cleaning of the cartridges and high separation efficiency.
We are experienced with filtration for processes with pyrophoric dusts. The filter, provided with the suitable type of cartridges, removes specific dusts such as tungsten or titanium from for example hydrogen, helium or other gaseous media.
The cartridges remove over 99% of even the finest dust particles smaller 1 micron. They are designed to be built-in hanging, but other installation options are available. Combined with the use of high-quality filtering material with a PTFE coating at the upstream side and the absence of an external support basket makes it possible to clean the cartridge during operation, which extends the service life of the cartridge and the maintenance intervals.
The filter can be supplemented with optional properties: pre-separation when there is a high dust load or a flushing system to prevent deflagration and spontaneous combustion after oxidation when the cartridges are removed.

  • High separation efficiency and relatively low differential pressure
  • Possibility of intermediate cartridge cleaning during operation by means of vibration for a longer service life of the cartridges
  • Process-adapted cartridges with chemically and mechanically highly resistant filtering media.
  • Optionally available with pre-separation for high dust load
  • Available with flushing system in pyrophoric conditions, to prevent deflagration and self-ignition when the filter is opened
  • In-house engineering