Votech Staubfluessigkeitsabscheider

Our inline filter, the side-stream-separator type LCK®, featuring various important criteria leading to a versatile and compact solution for the efficient removal of larger quantities of solids and liquids from air intake & exhaust systems and natural & industrial gas streams in low- and high-pressure pipe lines.

Our inline separator, the Side-Stream-Separator type LCK® featuring high efficiency, limited pressure differential and gas purification to an extent equal to gas cleaned by quality filter cartridges, without the disadvantage of such cartridges.

This filter, using only the energy from the incoming process stream has no moving parts, is low in maintenance and simple to operate with considerably less waste: spare parts are reduced to a minimum. The total cost of ownership and footprint of the separator are considerably less compared to cartridge filters; provided the separator is equipped with an automatic sump cleaning, a double line installation is unneeded. In this case one single LCK® unit will be sufficient.

  • Very high fractional separation across a wide operating range.
  • Relatively low and constant pressure losses depending on the density of the fluid and the flow rate only.
  • The LCK® excels due to its compact inline construction and makes retrofitting a feasible option.
  • Maintenance time and cost: the LCK® requires no maintenance because it is self-cleaning.
  • Also available as mobile filter.