Votech Coalescer Familienbild

VoTech cartridges are designed for the efficient removal of typical contaminants in natural gas lines: downstream, midstream and upstream as well as for industrial applications.

Cartridges for the removal of solids and liquids from contaminated wet gases

DuoToV® coalescing cartridges are excellent for cases where both condensate and particle separation from moist or wet gases are required, as well as high requirements to differential pressure. An integrated multilayer pleated pre-filter section effectively separates solid particles; thus, considerably increasing the cartridge lifetime and due to an enlarged filtering surface, reducing differential pressure. This type of coalescing cartridges is standardized worldwide and due to increased life time, reduced sizing (cartridges as well as vessels) and optimized differential pressure conditions preferred by many esteemed engineering companies as well as end users.

Available for use in natural gas up to 240°C