Votech Coalescer Familienbild

VoTech cartridges are designed for the efficient removal of typical contaminants in natural gas lines: downstream, midstream and upstream as well as for industrial applications.

Coalescing cartridges for the removal of liquids from wet gaseous media

SoloToV® series of coalescing cartridges are suitable for the separation of large amounts of condensates from wet gases combined with the removal of fine solid particles. It is to be applied where there are only small amounts of dust to be expected and where the requirements for differential pressure are not critical. Our regular SoloToV® cartridges are provided with a two staged combination of a large amount of glass fibers that are wound around the two cores. A quiescent stage is built in to improve the coalescing procedure. We produce a simplified version (SoloToV®S or SoloToV®SFS) as an alternative to commonplace coalescing cartridges and although with very good separation results, causing a reduced lifetime and subsequently faster increasing differential pressure during operation. Also available in pleated version, to increase filtering surface where space issues occur (e.g., retrofitting).

Available for use in natural gas up to 1000°C